Thursday, November 8, 2007

Back to Basics

Well, I have a couple of friends who have urged me to start a blog (probably because they are tired of receiving my email campaigns on whatever subject I am currently investigating). It seems I am a narcissist and feel some greater calling to spread the word about my discoveries. Truthfully, I do want the world to change, and I'm trying to be of some assistance. And I know how that sounds. There are so many of us self-appointed or imagined "movers and shakers" and even worse, so many of us are diametrically opposed in our convictions. Well, at the least, I am voting with my own dollar as I learn more about what's what. And hopefully, even if I don't influence anyone in the blogosphere, I'll set a good example for my children, so they can be decent human beings and "live well."

Of course, "living well" has widely varying descriptions depending on who you ask.

For me, it means respect for nature; that it's not a flawed system; not something for us to evade or triumph over. Now here I'm going to depart from my truly earthy friends because I must admit I am terrified of bugs and of dying (perhaps in equal parts ;)). So I'd like a bit of a buffer from the au naturel lifestyle, but overall, the name of this game is to reduce artificial products and toxins in my environment and body, and as a rule, do things (such as eat, give birth, exercise, interact with my family and community, etc.) according to my body and the Earth's design. Granted there are exceptions to every rule (I've just admitted I have my own), but I feel those exceptions have become the norm. And I have a problem with that -- for the sake of my children, and living things all around the world.

I value my own integrity. So, although I have a background in public relations and marketing, I won't spin anything. After all, my mother is a librarian, so the findings of extensive research must prevail. With two kids and one on the way, I just wonder how much time I'll have for this thorough research, so I'll always welcome more leads and more input.

Now the exciting part. Here are some of the topics I've been pondering, which I hope to write about in this blog, in no particular order:

- Organic, sustainable food
- Natural anti-bacterial products
- Representative government
- Homemade baby food
- Petroleum-based plastics
- Diapers
- School lunch programs
- Communicating via technology
- Natural vs. medicated childbirth
- The merits of consignment/reusing
- Non-stick pots and pans
- Vitamins/formula vs. nutrition through diet
- Artificial fragrances
- Nail polish
- Idealogy of focusing on self, family, community, region, country in that order
- Natural vs. synthetic healthcare
- Rebuilding local community
- Methods of transportation that reduce pollution
- Energy footprint reduction
- Natural pest control
- Ubiquity of television and video games

It's funny, I'm no expert in any of these topics. But the goal is to learn about them, so I can make some responsible life choices. Thanks for any who are joining me on this self-improvement (and imagined potentially world-changing) journey. ;)


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  1. Wishing you good luck on your noble quest. I hope you will find that the information you discover and share will find it's way beyond your family and friends. We will all benefit from the knowledge and continue to grow and pass it on. Hopefully, we will leave our world intact for other generations. Because we care. We care about our people, our planet, and our animal friends who need our voice :)